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“Treatment of back pain has undergone a recent sea change. Experts now recommend more conventional natural approaches for relieving back pain.” - Harvard Medical School 

Introducing the Pain-Free Back Patch…

Turn Back The “Pain Clock” 10 Years With This Powerful Herbal Formula

If you’re finally looking for real relief, Pain-Free Back Patches have helped tens of thousands of people get back to pain-free living, be active again and feel free from limiting back pain - without harmful drugs, expensive therapies or risky surgeries! 

Works In Minutes, Lasts All Day

Our patches are charged with the electron signatures taken from natural ingredients proven to reduce pain and inflammation.

All of the ingredients inside have an extensive history of clinical use, safety and effectiveness… (Some even date back to 2000 years ago in ancient Asian medicine).

How Does It Work?

The Science:

According to this latest 2021 study1inflammatory back pain almost always goes undetected. If left untreated it can lead to a chronic cycle of pain

Our breakthrough formula penetrates deeply into the skin. The powerful blend of 10 unique herbal ingredients brings vital nutrients to the affected area. Increasing blood flow and oxygen. And forcing out pain-causing inflammation.

While supporting your body’s natural self-healing processes to recover faster.

Proven By Independent Scientific Research

Clinical evidence2,3,4 supports the use of herbal remedies for drug-free pain relief.

Using infrared cameras to measure the changes in body temperature caused by swelling (inflammatory response), an independent clinical study conducted lab tests to see: how effective the patches are in decreasing pain and inflammation:
*In the images above you can see how swollen (inflamed) red areas on the body fade to a calm green within 20 minutes of applying a Pain-Free Back Patch.

Pain Reduced From 7.6 to 3.9

On average Pain-Free Back Patch was shown to reduce pain from an overall 7.6 to 3.9 on the VAS Pain Scale. And to significantly reduce skin temperature (associated with pain and inflammation) in the same test subjects as shown with digital infrared thermography.
*Individual results may vary.

The Healing Power Of Mother Nature's 10 Of The Most Potent Pain Relievers

Our recipe contains ZERO harmful chemicals and has NO side effects. Instead, we use 10 all-organic ingredients to soothe the pain and aid in healing the body faster:

Devil’s Claw

Historically, Devil's Claw has been used to relieve pain.

The plant is also extremely effective in treating conditions like back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and nerve pain.

Devil's claw contains a rare compound called iridoid glycosides. Which has a high concentration of one type of iridoid, named harpagoside. Laboratory tests prove this exotic ingredient has strong anti-inflammatoryeffects.

*Scientific evidence reveals:

Several studies show that taking Devil's Claw for 8 to 12 weeks can reduce pain and improve physical functioning in people with osteoarthritis.

One 4-month study of 122 people with osteoarthritis compared Devil's Claw and a leading European medication for pain relief. The people who took Devil's Claw had more pain relief than the people who took the medication. Those who took Devil's Claw also had fewer side effects and needed fewer pain relievers throughout the study.

An analysis of 14 high-quality studies using Devil's Claw to treat arthritis found that devil's claw can relieve joint pain.

And a review of 12 studies using Devil's Claw for treating arthritis or low back pain found that devil's claw was effective for relieving arthritis of the spine, hip, neck and knee.

In a larger study of 197 men and women with chronic low back pain, those who took Devil's Claw every day for a month said they had less pain and needed fewer painkillers than those who took a placebo.

A 54-week study compared 38 people who took Devil's Claw with 35 people who took the pain reliever rofecoxib (Vioxx). For these people, Devil's Claw worked as well as Vioxx to relieve pain. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) later took Vioxx off the market because it increases the risk of heart problems.

Conclusion: The use of this alien herb is a time-honored approach for strengthening the body and treating various pain conditions.


Since biblical times wormwood has been used for its powerfulpain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Modern science5,6,7 shows that this herbal extract can significantly improve pain levels.

Moreover, a recent Harvard study8 shows that Artemisinin (a compound found in Wormwood) destroys inflammation. This is good, because prolonged inflammation in the body is associated with chronic pain and other diseases.9

Ginger Oil Extract

Ginger has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its potent healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and warming effects… to help alleviate pain in the affected areas.

These studies10,11,12,13,14 found that ginger was highly effective in relieving any type of joint or muscle pain.

Millettia Reticulata
(Evergreen Wisteria)

Used in Chinese herbal medicine for over 2000 years, this potent herb increases blood flow to give your joints, ligaments and muscle tissues the nutrients and oxygen they need to heal from any aches and pains faster.

Wild Celery

This amazing flower has approximately 25 anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds that fight against pain and inflammation in the body.

Safflower Oil

Recommended by www.arthritis.org, research suggests15 that this rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids oil, combats pain and helps reduce inflammation

Saline Cistanche

Modern pharmacological studies have proclaimed Herba Cistanche as one of the "Best Pharmaceutical Gifts of the Traditional Chinese Medicine" and have proven its effectiveness for significantly reducing back and knee pain.

Other long-time studied natural herbs we use are Davallia Mariesii, Chain Fern, Spignet, Corydalis and Borneol.

4 Reasons Why To Choose This Breakthrough Remedy:

Save your health, time, money and frustration from costly doctor visits, harmful medications, ineffective solutions or risky surgery!

1) Superior Pain Relief

A single patch can last up to 12 hours. And unlike other existing patches, it’s clinically proven and it doesn’t use smelly chemicals that can cause skiing irritation. 

2) Trusted By Leading
Orthopedic & Pain Specialists:

"After years of research and testing, we arrived at a formula of 10 natural ingredients that outperformed all other over-the-counter pain pills in terms of safety and effectiveness. After investigating the most effective alternative remedies to limit the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines naturally, these patches came on top." - Steven Kramer M.D., a renowned orthopedic surgeon, U.S. Military veteran who made a list of “America’s Top 50 Best Doctors for 2021”

3) 100% Safe & Side Effects-Free

We use all-organic natural herbs to fight back pain. No chemicals, no harmful ingredients, no drugs.

4) Easy, Convenient & Effective Solution

Self-heating patches are specifically designed for maximum absorption and quicker delivery of the ingredients to the sore or damaged area.

Just stick them on your pain point and no one will even know you're wearing them under clothes.

Real People. Real Relief.

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Once our customers experience the difference in the way they’re feeling, moving and living pain-free… they never want to risk being stuck without this breakthrough relief formula.

That’s why we recommend you stock up on a multi-month supply of patches. That way you’ll always be protected from future “out of stocks”. Because we only produce a very limited supply when stock is available. (And it sells out quickly)…

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180 Days Pain Relief

180 pcs - Pain-Free Back Patches®

($0.55 cents a day)

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+ FREE Worldwide Shipping

100% No-Risk Money Back

1 FULL YEAR Guarantee


120 Days Pain Relief

120 pcs - Pain-Free Back Patches®

($0.67 cents a day)

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+ FREE Worldwide Shipping

100% No-Risk Money Back

1 FULL YEAR Guarantee

Kiss The Pain Goodbye - Or 100% Money-Back 1 FULL YEAR Guarantee 

We're so confident that Pain-Free Back Patches can stop pain within minutes and for up to 12 hours, that we offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee for 1 full year (365 days).

If your pain doesn't diminish substantially, you don't regain the mobility you want and live an easier life (or if you’re dissatisfied for any other reason at all), we’ll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.

Meaning you could buy as many packs as you want. Use all of them. And if you don’t feel significantly better, we’ll promptly give you a full refund without questions.

And you won’t even have to return the empty packs (or anything else)!

This makes it a completely risk-free purchase.

You either experience a life-transforming reduction in pain or you get your money back.

All Payments Are 100% Safe & Secure

Rest assured that all orders made from our official website are one-time purchases only.

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There won't be any recurring billing or hidden charges.

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Shop with confidence, because your card information is 100% safe, secure and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption - the strongest encryption standard on the planet.

It’s impossible to break it by brute force based on today’s level of technology and current computing power.

That’s the same data security standard most banks, governments and military organizations are using.

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When It Comes To Prescriptions & Other Alternatives

There's Just No Comparison!

Get Back To Living Pain-Free Today!

For people with chronic pain, the joy from feeling pain-free again can be life-changing.

They can run, hike, play with their grandchildren, exercise and do the things they love again.

Even everyday tasks, when done without pain, can bring joy and happiness to those living with chronic issues.


Still questions? Contact us at support@pain-freeback.com.

General Questions:

What are the average delivery times? Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Our shipping times are between 5-10 business days (6-12 normal days).

Standard shipping times for each country:

USA (6-14 days) - Average delivery speed (10 days)

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How long will it take to process my order?

All orders are processed and shipped out within 24-48 business hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

How can I track my order?

All packages include a tracking number for your peace of mind.

When your items are shipped out, you’ll receive an email with your tracking number.

Here’s a link to our tracking page - https://pain-freeback.com/pages/tracking

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Will I receive email updates about my order?

Yes, when you place your order you’ll get an order confirmation email. You’ll receive an email update when we ship out your order. Including your tracking number, instructions on how to track it and what happens next.

What if something happens to my order?

Rest assured that all orders come with a tracking number, insurance, loss protection and a 100% money-back 1 FULL YEAR guarantee.

In case something happens with your order, we’ll send you a new one for free.

Just let us know and we’ll fix the situation ASAP! 

What is your refund and returns policy?

We're so confident that Pain-Free Back Patches can stop pain within minutes and for up to 12 hours, that we offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee for 1 FULL YEAR (365 days).

If your pain doesn't diminish substantially, you don't regain the mobility you want and live an easier, pain-free life (or if you’re unhappy for any other reason at all), we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Meaning you could buy as many packs as you want. Use all of them. And if you don’t feel significantly better, we’ll promptly give you a full refund without questions.

And you won’t even have to return the empty packs (or anything else)!

This makes it a completely risk-free purchase.

All we hope for is to give them a fair shot before you decide if the product is for you or not!

You either experience a life-transforming reduction in pain or you get all your money back.

Just contact us at support@pain-freeback.com and we’llpromptly refund every cent within 24 hours.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know at support@pain-freeback.com. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours!

Where are you located?

We are a small, independent, proudly-owned American company.

We sell our products online only - allowing us to give you the best deals and prices.

Our address is 550 Brayford Way, Suwanee, Georgia(GA), 30024.

Where is it made? Where is it shipped from?

The Pain-Free Back Patch formula is developed in the USA inspired by an ancient Asian recipe that was used for centuries to effectively relieve pain, inflammation, swelling and discomfort in muscles, joints and ligaments.

Our ingredients are sourced from all around Asia to ensure 100% purity and authenticity. That’s why we ship out our orders directly from our manufacturing facility in Asia to the customer, allowing us to save middle-men costs and offer you the best prices.

What payment methods do you take? Are they safe?

We offer the options to pay with any credit card or Paypal at checkout.

We use the #1 most secure and trusted payment processor in the world - Stripe. You can also safely pay with Paypal.

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Can I change or cancel my order?

We know you want your order fast! That’s why we ship it out ASAP.

If you want to cancel/make any changes to your order (such as products, quantities, address, contact, email, phone, etc.), please let us know within 24 hours!

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Can I buy your product from somewhere else?

We’re the official seller of the Pain-Free Back Patches. We sell exclusively online to give you the best deals and prices.

The patches aren’t available on Amazon or anywhere else.

By shopping with us you support our small business and dozens of normal people’s workplaces and jobs just like you, for which we are EXTREMELY THANKFUL!

Product Questions:

How to use it?

It’s really simple:

1. Makes sure the area is clean.

2. Just peel back the adhesive on the patch. And stick it on your back.

3. Enjoy all-day pain relief!

How long does it last? When should I wear it?

One patch will provide relief generally for up to 12 hours. You can use 1 or more patches at the same time.

You can also sleep with the patch to speed up the healing process and not wake up with a stiff and achy back in the morning.

How does it work?

Our breakthrough formula penetrates deeply into the skin. Increasing blood flow circulation and oxygen.

The powerful blend of 10 unique herbal ingredients brings vital nutrients to the affected area. Forcing out pain-causing inflammation.

While supporting your body’s own self-healing processes to recover faster.

Each of our ingredients has been used in Traditional Asian Medicine for centuries. As well as now in the USA military to help soldiers prevent, recover and eliminate pain, injuries and inflammation while improving mobility.

Countless studies backed by some of the most trusted and respected scientific institutions in the world like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and more… have confirmed the safety and effectiveness of our ingredients to decrease pain and inflammation.

*(For references please check the links on the page below).

Is it proven to work?

Yes, this new breakthrough formula has been proven by independent scientific research. As well as each of the individual ingredients inside.

They are also trusted by leading orthopedics and pain specialists like Steven Kramer M.D., a renowned orthopedic surgeon, U.S. Military veteran who made a list of “America’s Top 50 Best Doctors for 2021 and others…

*(For the study results and scientific references, please check our product page and the link below).

What are the benefits of the product?

Relieve pain, inflammation, swelling, discomfort quickly - without any dangerous drugs, harmful pills, costly doctor visits, expensive and risky surgeries!

Also to improve your mobility, range of motion, ease and quality of life… allowing you to enjoy a happier life free from limiting pain!

What are the ingredients?

We use 100% all-natural and all-organic herbs for our patches.

The ingredients are Devil's Claw, Wormwood, Ginger, Reticulate Millettia, Saline Cistanche, Davallia Mariesii, Chain Fern, Wild Celery, Safflower, Spignet, Corydalis and Borneol.

Is it safe?

Yes! The patches contain no drugs, no nasty chemicals and are 100% all-natural.

They have been formulated and tested in a USA GMP-certified facility to ensure safety, effectiveness, purity and authenticity of the formula.

What can the patches be used for?

We had clients who’ve used the patches also for their knee, elbows, feet and other painful areas that they had, not just the back.

How big is one patch?

A single patch is 13 cm long and 8 cm wide. Enough to cover the whole painful area. (You can always use more the 1 patch at the same time).

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*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See the URLs below to find evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of this product based on the expertise of relevant professionals.